David has many years of assisting clients in areas ranging from the organization of their legal documentation to identifying issues that need resolution.  He also has negotiated legal fee structures for his clients and managed those legal projects. As a "one-stop" advisor, costs are minimized and David is a part of the process from start to finish.



Working as both a general counsel and a partner at a private practice law firm, David has experience on both sides of the process.  His diverse base of experience enables an efficient path to the completion of your project.  David educates his clients on the legal process and routinely uses his knowledge of the legal and business worlds to add maximum value.



Dave’s clients include large and small real-estate owners, tenants, property management companies, and closely-held private and public corporations. His familiarity with the issues they face means he can help them develop the right business and legal strategies and then put those strategies into effect.  His unique client base sets him up to succeed where others may have difficulty



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