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CEO, Asure Software, Inc. (ASUR)

"David brings a business and common sense thought process to finding and managing solutions to simple and complex legal challenges faced by companies in a cost and time effective manner.  The legal landscape is a tricky terrain of unpredictable stormy weather layered over mountains, valleys and fast waters. One needs a guide like Dave Weigman who can navigate the path to sunshine and paradise." 



CEO, U.S. Internet, Inc.

"David is extremely responsive and quick to assist us in identifying legal issues before and after they become legal challenges.  He is someone I can talk to without worrying about being billed for every conversation.  Once the issue is identified, he finds the right lawyer to help us and manages the process to completion; all the while keeping us informed as to status and cost." 



Founder and CEO, Social Indoor, LLC

"David has assisted me both personally and as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of two companies.  He has always been there when needed and knows how to interpret the legal jargon and then communicate it in a manner that I understand.  This in turns helps guide me to the decision making needed to help resolve issues and complete transactions."


John Flottmeier, CFA

President, Investments, Tonkawa

"I deal with a lot of attorneys and Dave is my go to guy on most matters.  He understands, and can skillfully negotiate the legal complexities and issues but is also able to provide an overall perspective of common sense that many lawyers lack."   

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